CryptoDragons Metaverse Embeds 12,000 Attribute DNA into Their Dragon NFT Eggs

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Thousand of NFT projects are released daily, fueling the appetite of mainstream users, investors, digital art collectors, and NFT enthusiasts looking for more exposure to different financial incentives in the metaverse.

One prominent project that aims to make waves in the non-fungible tokens (NFT) space is CryptoDragons.

Notably, the famous French football player Paul Pogba who plays for Premier League club Manchester United and the France national team announced the partnership on his Instagram account with the caption: “Father of Dragons is here”.

Meet the CryptoDragons

CryptoDragons is a blockchain-based dragon Metaverse project built on the Ethereum network, which allows users to collect, breed, battle, and sell NFT dragons. The project uses advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) to create its dragon collectibles with high-quality graphics.

CryptoDragons seeks to provide a unique take on the conventional NFTs that market participants are used to by combining art and sophisticated technology.

The project is looking to evolve into a fully functional dragon Metaverse, allowing dragon owners to fully enjoy the experience on different devices.

The DNA-enabled Digital Dragons

The CryptoDragons team aims at taking NFT art to a new level by embedding each dragon with DNAs, which determine the characteristics they possess.

The dragon DNA contains about 12,000 attributes, with the ability to breed billions of unique gene combinations to ensure that no two dragons are the same.

There are 25 basic genes with up to 16 variations for each basic gene. These variations have different colors, which are assigned to each new dragon by a special algorithm based on the gene combinations created during the breeding process.

Based on the unique gene combinations, there are four varieties of dragons on the platform – the Common dragons, the Epic dragons, the Rare dragons, and the Legendary dragons.

The Common dragons are the most abundant variety of dragons on the platform with up to 15 genes in their DNA. The Epic dragons come with 16-19 genes, the Rare dragons with 20-24 genes and are obtained as a result of dragon breeding, and the most unique dragons on the platform, the Legendary dragons come with the full 25 genes package in their DNA.

The four types of dragons on the platform have different characteristics that determine their appearances and market value.

Meanwhile, CryptoDragons has a Dragon Arena, where the first dragon battles will take place. Interestingly, the project’s team also integrated a unique dragon language with its phonetic standards and alphabet that will be used on the platform, which is known as Kassis.

Limited 10,000 Dragons Collection

The CryptoDragons Metaverse is designed to start from the dragon eggs. To kick-start the emerging metaverse, the platform is offering a limited collection of 10,000 dragon eggs for minting.

On November 7, 2021, CryptoDragons made history during the first round of the CryptoDragons NFT Еggs Reservation. The project sold the first batch of 500 NFT Eggs within 10 seconds with the Legendary dragon’s egg and Epic dragon’s egg selling for 35 ETH and 7 ETH, respectively.

Once the NFT egg is minted, the owner has exclusive rights to it. Inside these eggs are unique dragons, which have already been generated using AI. The dragons inside these eggs are considered the “firstborns,” and as soon as they hatch, the owners will have access to two NFTs, the eggshells, and the dragons.

Dragon owners can earn incentives by simply holding their dragon NFTs. They can also breed the dragons to get other rare characteristics. The Common and Epic dragons can cross breed to get Rare dragons, but the Legendaries cannot.

Owners can also rent out their dragons to other users on the platform for breeding to create their collection of unique dragons. Dragons with unique characteristics have more market value.

On the Dragon Arena for battles, the winners of dragon battles will either take away the rival’s dragon or an ETH price, depending on the terms of agreement before the battle.

However, of all the dragons on the platform, Legendary dragon holders have the most promising earning opportunities. Owners can decide to simply do nothing but hold their dragons and earn income.

The CryptoDragons platform constantly pays Legendary dragon owners a whopping 50% of all of its breeding income, which will be sent directly to their ETH wallets.

The higher the breedings on the platform, the higher the income of Legendary dragon owners.

The CryptoDragons metaverse is planning to completely change the way NFTs are viewed by providing a combination of technologies, entertainment, art, graphics, and earning opportunities to make users’ experience a thrilling one.

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